Tips for Parents

You may choose whether or not to accompany your child to the exam chair. Although we sense that some children do better without parents present, we are open to having you with your child.

Our goal is to improve the chance of a positive dental experience for your child. If you choose to be present, here are some tips for parents to help us achieve our goal and provide a relaxed and positive visit for your child. These are important ways you can actively help your child succeed in the dental experience.

  1. Allow us to prepare your child. We will use Tell-Show-Do to explain each step of the procedure. We will: TELL your child what we will do, SHOW them what we will do, and DO what we have explained.
  2. We will use POSITIVE LANGUAGE ONLY when working with your child and ask that you be supportive of this effort. Again, our intention and goal is to create a dental experience that is positive for your child.

                        INSTEAD OF:                     PLEASE USE:
                        Won’t hurt Will be very gentle
                        Needle/Shot Sleepy Juice
                        Drill Tooth Washer
                        Pull/Yank a Tooth Wiggle a tooth out
                        Cavity/Decay Sugar Bug
                        Drill on a tooth Wash away a sugar bug
                        Examination Count the teeth
                        Tooth Cleaning Tickle the teeth
                        Explorer Tooth counter
                        Rubber Dam Raincoat
  3. Please try to be a silent observer. We ask that you sit quietly so we can maintain communication with your child. Children will normally listen to their parents instead of others and we need them to hear us as we work to help them through their dental experience.

We are confident that these tips will help us, together, make your child’s dental visit a positive experience and help your child progress in their journey to develop a long and healthy relationship with the dentist.